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Hunting Leases

Compiled by the Chamber of Commerce, this is solely a resource list developed to provide hunting lease information to the general public. All information included in this list has been contributed to the Chamber of Commerce by the landowner. The landowner is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. All negotiations, contractual agreements or liability are between the landowner and individual or group seeking hunting facilities.



(325) 392-2117
P.O. BOX  1969
OZONA, TX  76943

CLAYTON BIG MILL:                                      ***LEASED***
8,900 acres 15 miles West of Ozona. Up to 14 men. Small furnished house. Deer, Quail, Turkey, Javelina.

CLAYTON TURKEY ROOST:                             ***LEASED***
6,400 acres 10 miles East of Ozona. Up to 10 men. Small furnished cabin. Game managed. Deer, Quail, Turkey, Javelina.


MARK WHITE / RANCHO BLANCO                    ***LEASED***

(325) 234-2111 - Cell
(325) 653-7711 - Office
(325) 949-3939 - Home

New Season Leases available for 2010. Corporate lease for up to 24 guns or large family or small company.  10,500 acres with 2 camps plus old ranch house with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, electricity, water.  Feeders and stands included.  Can be divided. "Come where the big ones play!"

FLASH: 2 small leases left 8 - 10 guns
Call for price & details


MARK WHITE / ENCINO BLANCO                                    ***LEASED***  

(325) 234-2111 - Cell
(325) 653-7711 - Office
(325) 949-3939 - Home

Premier West Texas Hill Country Whitetail Lease 30 miles SE Sonora, 5500ac Rolling Liveoak Country complete with Hunting Lodge, sleeps 8-10, with stands and feeders-turnkey. Whitetail deer under MLD management 4 years plusTurkeys, Axis deer, Hogs, Javalina, Dove and Quail - Game Paradise! Corporate or large private lease (25 guns) year long - Call for Details.

Possible Spring Turkey 25 gun package. Please call for details.


ROY HARRELL RANCH                                ***LEASED***

OZONA, TX 76943
(325) 392-2501
E-Mail: cpharrell@yahoo.com

Over 6,000 acres, 20 miles South of Ozona on Highway 163, 1 mile past the Historical Marker, game managed, water, maximum 30 hunters, deer, turkey, javelina, feral hogs, bow hunting, spring turkey. Three year leasing options.


BILL BLACK RANCH                                  ***LEASED***

OZONA, TX 76943
(325) 226-2709 

3816 acres.  12 hunters.  Crockett County.  Call 325-226-2709 for more details. 


ESPERANZA RANCH                                                 ***NEW LISTING***
Contact: Ken Hartman via e-mail:hartman@apex2000.net

Or Email: sellen@mclureoil.com 

21,000 ac. 11 miles SE of Iraan on CR 305.  MLD for 7 years.  Protein for 3 years.  Draws, canyons and flats.  Power for camps and water wells on sub pumps.  Feeders and blinds in excellent condition.  Deer, turkey, dove, quail and varmints. MLD permits available in October. Harvest management mandatory. Minimum lease size: 3,000 ac.


TWISTFLOWER RANCH                               ***NEW LISTING***

(512) 343-1821 - Home

We provide both mule deer and whitetail hunting on approximately 6000 acres, 45 miles northwest of Ozona. There have been no livestock on about two thirds of the ranch for the past fourteen years, so there has been no competition for the habitat and food for the deer. Three day packages. You hunt on Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. All meals are provided (Friday evening, three meals on Saturday, breakfast and lunch Sunday). You will stay in one of our luxurious cabins that each have a canyon view, spacious covered porch, fireplace, whirlpool tub and separate shower. Your meals will be served in our 2400 square foot lodge building that has two large fireplaces, big screen TV and full size pool table for your use during non-hunting times.  The cost of the package is $1,200.


BALL & STRUNK PARTNERS, LTD.                ***LEASED***

(432) 292-4537 - Ranch
E-Mail: hudspethriverranch@bigbend.net

Whitetail deer, exotics and Rio Grande turkey.
For more information and availability go to www.hudspethriverranch.com

5000 acres available in two 2500 acre pastures, 49 miles N of Comstock, 35 miles S of Ozona, Hwy 163. Camper connections. Whitetailed Deer, Audad, Javelina, Feral Hog, Varmints, Game Managed Ranch


HUNNICUTT RANCH                                            ***LEASED***
Contact: Cody Hunnicutt

(325) 226-9246 (leave message if no answer)

SEASON / Deer, Spring Turkey
38 miles south of Ozona; Sutton County. Approximately 4700 acres. Whitetail deer, Axis, Fallow Deer, Turkey, Audad Sheep, Feral Hogs. Facilities and Hook-ups. Walk-in cooler. 10-14 people.


HOWARDS WELL RANCHING COMPANY                     ***LEASED***  

Contact: Joey Pierce
(325) 226-2332 - Cell
(325) 392-2931 - Home


All hunters must comply with game management plan set by ranch manager.
Whitetail, Turkey, Quail, Dove, Javelina, Hogs, Varmints, and some Exotics.

HOWARD'S WELL:                                                         ***LEASED***
2500 & 3500 acres available in two sections, 25 miles southwest of Ozona, 12 spots available. Acreage has been split into two groups, house & RV spots are also available!


VALLIANT RANCH                                                ***NEW LISTING***  
Contact for terms and more information

(325) 387-6012 or (325) 3340 or (325) 970-206-0387 cell

3000 +/- acres in Eastern Sutton County. Deer lease and spring turkey. No youth early or spike does. Really nice lodge. Fewer hunters the better. All blinds and feeders are in place. Few rules, but firm. All year feeding required. Limited doe. 10 point or better bucks. 10.00 acre.


RANEY GARRETT, LLC                              ***NEW LISTING***
Contact: Roy Raney
Phone: (325)650-9463
Email: rraney@zipnet.us

Dublin Ranch is approx 11,245 acres located in Crockett Co. The ranch is approx 8.5 miles South of Barnhart, TX, or approx 20 mi North of Ozona, TX.
The lease is budgeted and set up for twenty (20) hunters. The lease is year round which includes access to the ranch for dove, deer, turkey and spring turkey seasons.

The cost per hunter/gun for the 2016 hunting year is $4,000.00.

The yearly cost for the membership in the Dublin Ranch Hunting Lease covers both the cost of the land lease for the ranch and also the operating/maintenance expenses for the hunting lease, including:

*Year round access to Dublin Ranch, 11,245 ac, (from April 1 to March 31 of the next year.)

*Access to the ranch house - Kitchen, bath, hot/cold water, A/C, refrigerator (one), freezer, bunks (no sheets/pillows) for approx 10 people, BBQ gas grill, coffee makers.

*"Dry supplies" - for the house: paper plates, plastic & foam cups, plastic utensils, paper towels, foil, plastic wrap, tissues, toilet paper, trash bags, coffee, propane for the grill, miscellaneous pots, pans and other utensils.

*Use of the cleaning/skinning shed with running water and hoists

*Use of approx 20 hunting tower blinds (varies from year to year). All towers have corn feeders with timers (7:30 AM and 4:30 PM). 

*If you want to install another tower/feeder that is OK (Location of new towers must be coordinated with the Manager and the other towers.)

*All the corn necessary for all the feeders for both the deer/turkey and spring turkey seasons.

*Maintenance and scheduled re-fills of all the corn feeders. 

*Liability insurance for the ranch owner

*The Raney Garrett Hunting lease works with the State Game Biologist for this region, based in Sonora, TX and has a TX State registered Game Management Program. Managed Land Deer Permits (MLDP) are issued. For last 6 years, Level 3, MLDPs have been issued which allow hunting, with a rifle, for buck or doe, from beginning of Oct. This program is continuing this year.


LESTER WRIGHT                                           ***LEASED***
Lester Wright - Contact

(940)704-8890 - Cell
(940)322-4491 - Office

5400 acres 20 miles NW Ozona.  
Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Turkey & Javalina. 

Contact for terms and more information



Contact Bobby Pettyjohn
Phone: 254-485-0653
Email: diamondp_bp@yahoo.com

YEARLY LEASE                                          
2,625 Acres, 30 Miles South of Ozona on Hwy 163. No cabins. Camping & RV sites with water and electricity. Whitetail deer, dove, quail, exotics and hogs.



Contact Bob Ferguson
Phone: 325-277-8092
Email: fergrb@satx.rr.com
Northeast Crockett County and southeast Reagan County. Approximately 40 miles north of Ozona. Can lease by pastures from 700 to 1,550 acres. Facilities available or trailer hook-ups. 10,000 acres - have been game managed for 20 years. Available by hunter or pasture. Limit on bucks & by class of bucks. Deer and Turkey, also.
Trailer House/Apartment availability 

Y BAR RANCH CO.                                     ***LEASED***

Contact: Clay W. Richardson
Phone: 325-226-2302
Email: clayrichardson@gmail.com
Whitetail, Turkey, Exotics, Bobcat & Mountain Lion
with hounds at times!
Location: In & around Crockett County

STAR RANCH EXOTICS                           ***NEW LISTING***

Contact: Felix Venegas
Phone: 325-226-0778
Email: venegasconstuction13@yahoo.com

  • You only pay for what you kill.
  • Any animal wounded will be considered a kill and will be paid for in full.
  • When you book a hunt for yourself or as a group, you will be the ones hunting on the ranch at that time.
  • There is a non-refundable fee of $450 when you book a hunt.


  Buck/Bull     Female
Elk     $4,200 $750
Red Stag   $3,500  $700
Fallow $3,200 $475
Sika  $2,450 $450
Blackbuck $2,850 $400
Aoudad   $2,800 $750
Spanish Goat  $1,200   
Whitetail     $850 (Doe/Spike)